Spring Skin Rejuvenation: MicroLaserPeel at Aespala MedSpa and Plastic Surgery in Oak Brook, IL

Spring is the perfect time to renew and freshen up how you feel and how you look! Fresh spring air, blooming flowers and bright sunshine will soon be all around us. Bring rejuvenation to your skin this season! Be inspired by spring and get your freshest, brightest and most beautiful complexion with MicoLaserPeels at Aespala MedSpa!

MicroLaserPeels at Aespala MedSpa will restore the renewed feeling of spring back into your skin. This laser skin resurfacing treatment improves the appearance of the complexion by removing the dry and damaged outermost layer of the skin. By removing the outer layer, MicroLaserPeels in the Elmhurst area reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone and acne scars. This treatment also triggers collagen production within the skin to create a smoother texture and overall improved appearance.

MicroLaserPeels in Elmhurst, Illinois are minimally invasive and therefore requires little downtime for most patients. Patients with visible skin damage such as sunspots, acne scars and wrinkles are the perfect candidates for this laser skin resurfacing treatment. As a nonsurgical treatment, MicroLaserPeels at Aespala MedSpa are safe and comfortable.

Put the feeling of spring back into your skin with MicroLaserPeels at Aespala MedSpa and Plastic Surgery! CallĀ (630) 407-1090 to schedule a consultation.