Reverse Signs of Aging with the HydraFacial: Top Anti-Aging Facial in Chicago, IL

It’s no secret that as we get older so does our skin. Wrinkles, sunspots, age spots and more all give away our true age. AARP recently shared the “7 Surprising Things You Do That Causes Wrinkles.”

Some of these included, sitting too much, sleeping on your side, using straws, and skipping sunglasses on sunny days. But for some of us we simply cant help it. We work nine to five, can’t fall asleep lying on our backs, love indulging in an iced coffee and lose or break sunglasses more often than we wear them. Aespala Medspa in Oak Brook, IL offers a variety of non-and minimally invasive treatments and procedures to help you look younger, despite your bad beauty habits.

One of these is the HydraFacial. A HydraFacial treatment in Oak Brook IL is used to reduce the appearance of sun damage, acne, dark spots, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It removes dead skin cells and eliminates impurities. Furthermore, the Aespala Medspa HydraFacial hydrates and beautifies skin gently, providing immediate anti-aging results with no discomfort or downtime.

So, how does a HydraFacial work? Utilizing a process known as the Vortex-Fusion®, a combination of antioxidants and nutrients are infused into skin. This combination also helps protect your skin from the harmful effect of “free radicals” and reverses signs of aging.

So if you have no choice but to sleep on your side, sip your coffee through a straw and cannot remember where you last left your sunglasses, the HydraFacial at Aespala Medspa and Plastic Surgery in Oak Brook, IL may be for you!