Laser Hair Removal in the Winter- No Time Like the Present

Winter fashion staples like big sweaters and knee-high boots don’t require smooth, hair-free skin. However, did you know that the colder months of the winter are ideal for laser hair removal treatments? If you’re skeptical, read on!

One of the principal safety precautions (not just a safety precaution, but impacts the effectiveness of the treatments – work this in) that accompany laser hair removal is the avoidance of sun exposure, both before and after treatments. In the warmer months of the year when shorts and skirts are in style and all you want to do is spend time in the great outdoors, this can be difficult, if not impossible.

By starting laser hair removal treatments in the winter, you can protect treated skin from sun exposure, and lower the risk of any resulting reactions. In most cases, ideal hair reduction results are seen after six to eight treatments. When laser hair reduction treatments are started in the fall and winter months, Chicago clients can plan to finish by the spring, just in time to break out summertime fashion without the worry of shaving or waxing!

If you want to eliminate your need to shave or wax and spend that time enjoying the sun, start your laser hair removal treatments today!