Heat Things Up: Vanquish® in Oak Brook, IL at Aespala MedSpa and Plastic Surgery

A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical reported that those who ate capsinoids (compounds found in chili peppers) every day for three months found their levels of belly fat decreased as well as their rates of fat oxidation. While eating chili peppers to reduce belly fat may appeal to some, others might not feel the same way. Vanquish at Aespala MedSpa and Plastic Surgery is a non-invasive treatment for fat reduction that can reduce the fat in your belly without having to go to the extreme of consuming chili peppers.

FDA-cleared Vanquish in Oak Brook uses thermal radiofrequency energy to target unwanted fat for a slimmer, trimmer figure. Vanquish melts fat cells in the treated area and the body permanently eliminates the cells naturally through the lymphatic system over the months following the treatment. Vanquish is a painless treatment that is often compared to a heated massage. Vanquish at Aespala MedSpa can help you lose up to six inches and tighten sagging skin around the treated area. With no downtime required, clients can continue everyday activities following their treatment. For optimal results, multiple treatments may be recommended.

Heat things up with Vanquish, not with chili peppers! The revolutionary technology of Vanquish is clinically proven to provide long lasting results. Proper diet, (with or without chili peppers) and a good exercise regimen in combination with Vanquish treatments can result in even better improvements!

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