Dreaming of Summer Vacation

It may be the middle of winter, but thankfully summer will be here before we know it. That means we won’t be able to cover up our unshaven legs everyday with long pants and leggings. It also means that we’ll have to stock up on shaving cream and get up a little bit earlier everyday to shave. But what if there was something we could do to have perfectly smooth legs for summer, without all the fuss? That something is called Laser Hair Removal at Aespala MedSpa.

Laser Hair Removal uses light energy to disengage each hair follicle to leave patients with smooth, hair-free skin. Several sessions will give patients permanently hair-free skin. Laser Hair Removal in Chicagoland treats legs, bikini area, underarms, lips and chin. It is a safe and effective alternative to spending extra time shaving every morning.

Laser Hair Removal is able to provide long-lasting results because it destroys active hair follicles. As the follicles are treated with lasers, they are unable to grow new hair. This treatment leaves you hair-free anywhere on your body, excluding eyebrows. Laser Hair Removal is an entirely safe process as well, as lasers leave the surrounding areas unaffected, targeting only the hair follicles.

Get a head start on summer with Laser Hair Removal at Aespala MedSpa in Oak Brook, IL! Call (630) 407-1090 for smooth legs today!